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The veteran is still going strong, and is debatably a better worker now than she was during her first run. Hopefully, she'll have the chance at a featured storyline in the next six months. Share. Each of the brand have their different personnel group with both men and women roster of their own. WWE 2k21 Women's Roster - YouTube. Women have evolved and in the past few years, there is completely a revolution in wrestling for women. NXT United Kingdom Championship . WWE Evolution will air on the WWE Network on Sunday, October 28. NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Taking the sixth spot of highest-paid WWE Divas with an annual salary of $350,000 is Barley. Copy link. Brie has struggled with her ring work since returning to the squared circle. In 1983, the Fabulous Moolah, who was the NWA World Women's Champion and legal owner of the title, joined the WWF and sold them the rights to the title after they disaffiliated from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and recognized her as the first WWF Women's Champion. 2017-Present. Sasha Banks is currently working as a babyface. Banks recently returned to in-ring action, after a brief hiatus due to a back injury. Full AEW Roster| All Elite Wrestling Roster, NJPW Roster 2021 – Complete List of Wrestlers, IMPACT Wrestling Roster: Update Roster of Impact wrestling, Wrestlers Birthdays 2021 | Birth Date For Your Favourite Wrestlers(WWE, AEW Superstars), AEW Roster 2021| Updated All Elite Wrestling Roster for Dynamite, Dark, Elevation & PPVs, Roman Reigns on WrestleMania Main Event Record: I Am Competing Myself, Edge Fires Warning Ahead of WrestleMania 37 Main Event, Finn Balor Wants This Dark Super Tag Team in WWE, WrestleMania 37: Bianca Beats Sasha in Historic Main Event. Kevin Wong We know the pendulum will eventually swing the other way, and Charlotte will be the de facto champion for years to come. She plays mind games to throw her opponents off her scent, and she uses her opponents' strengths against them; when someone charges at her, she'd much rather get out of the way and have the opponent crash into the ring post, rather than counter it head-on. In WWE she is a former NXT and RAW Women’s Champion. She joined the WWE in 2012 and was also assigned to the NXT where she won the NXT Women’s Championship in 2015. Each of the brand have their different personnel group with both men and women roster of their own. She put on an instant classic with Asuka at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. After years of being a treated like a doormat and a lackey, Becky was getting some of her own back. She loses, but she looks really good doing it, and she always does it in a way that makes her opponent look dominant. WWE ist eine US-amerikanische Wrestling-Promotion, deren Belegschaft professionelle Wrestler und Wrestlerinnen, Manager, Play-By-Play und Color Kommentatoren, Ringsprecher, Ringrichter, Road Agents und administratives Personal umfasst. 5. And repeat. We will be updating this page on a weekly basis to keep this as accurate as possible for you. She's better off in her current role--cheering on sister Nikki from ringside--until she can shake off the ring rust. When all is said and done, Logan might be the breakout star of the Riott Squad. Morgan is currently booked as the weakest member of the Riott Squad; Ruby is the leader, and Morgan often piggybacks on Sarah Logan to get to ringside. Die WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship ist ein Frauen-Wrestlingtitel der US-amerikanischen Promotion WWE, der exklusiv an die Women’s-Division des SmackDown-Rosters vergeben wird.Der Titel wurde am 20. The roster spans over 4 different brands with RAW, SmackDown, NXT and NXT UK. WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. It's a testament to the woman's charisma that the fans kept cheering her, regardless. Raw Roster- 69 Members. A great look (those red eyes! It hurts to say, but Asuka hasn't been the same since her loss to Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34. Let's take a closer look at five WWE main roster opponents for Io Shirai. It won't be long before she gets a shot at the big time. But even so, it's been awhile since Asuka has been legitimately scary. Few gestures show as much respect as a warm embrace between Superstars. Adam Pearce. If WWE ever lets her progress beyond the petty, mean girl schtick she's currently running, Royce could be a massive star. There's not enough of a body of work to judge her quite yet, but her charisma gives her promising start. But she's not the current MVP of the women's division. And Naomi started as a backup dancer "Funkadactyl" for Brodus Clay. Currently, Becky Lynch is the top woman in WWE, and we cannot wait to see what she does next with her brand new spotlight. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Our complete Pro Wrestlers Database allows you to … Tap to unmute. 2012-Present. 2013-Present. You can thank Natalya that Rousey is as good as she is; she trained the former UFC women's champion in secret for months before her in-ring debut at Wrestlemania 34. And Rousey might be the personification of that limit. WWE 2k21 Women's Roster. The women on WWE's main roster are some of the most attractive and most desirable women in the wrestling industry. Since then, she's failed to recapture the Smackdown women's title from Carmella, and she's currently involved in a buddy/buddy storyline with Naomi, in which they bond over not being able to understand each other. Here you find all the WWE 2K20 Superstars and Legends confirmed for the WWE 2K20 Roster so far. Make sure to keep checking back and let us know if we need to add somebody to the list! Apart from her rapid exploits in the ring, another reason for her fame is that it is one hot lady. But until then, this is exciting, uncharted territory. She has an MMA background, and it shows; when she bounces on her toes, she has the look and presence of a panther, ready to pounce and kill. And after awhile, it became a typical story: Becky tries hard. The full WWE 2K20 Roster will feature a huge list of WWE Superstars from all WWE Brands, including Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, 205 Live, Women / Divas and Legends. NXT Championship. Share. There are two IIconics, but Billie Kay is certainly the supporting role in her duo. It is the first all-women's pay-per-view in the company's history--an event that took years of incremental steps to finally happen. A little more in-ring polish, and she'll be good to go. Check out the full information and photos of the NXT women’s roster in this article. Bayley was performing for the Independent Circuits under the moniker Davina Rose. New Path Of Exile Expansion, Ultimatum, Adds A Hardcore Gauntlet Mode, Footage Of Canceled Castlevania Game Shows Up On YouTube, Abandoned Developer Insists He's Not Hideo Kojima, By WWE every mitb winner. They tried it with Lana. The longest reigning Divas champion in history has adjusted to the increasing demands of the Women's Evolution, training herself from a passable talent to a legitimately good one; see her match against Charlotte Flair at Night of Champions (2015) for proof. Dark - Match. Other major picks for the WWE roster in the Red Brand include the former 13-time World Champion Randy Orton. The women of the WWE are some of the most beautiful, unique and talented women in the world. Aliyah In recognition of this latest benchmark in the Women's Evolution, here are the 27 women on the main roster who are pushing the envelope further, one match at a … She was an NXT women's champion who was one half of the greatest WWE women's match of all time (Sasha Banks vs. Bayley at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn). on October 24, 2018 at 1:44PM PDT. On November 21st, 2017, she led Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan in Smackdown to form the Riott Squad. But she did manage to piss off everyone in the audience during her reign; she's a great heel character, even if she isn't as great of a wrestler. But with Mandy Rose, the company may have finally struck gold. General Manager of the WWE Performance Center Matt Bloom: Matthew Bloom Head Coach Producer Mickey Keegan: Max Pelham Assistant writer Norman Smiley: Norman Smiley Coach Robbie Brookside: Robert Brooks Coach Ryan Katz Ryan Katz Creative producer Promo trainer Sara Amato: Sara Amato Assistant Head Coach Women's producer Scotty 2 Hotty: Scott Garland Coach And check in on Sunday, October 28, when we'll be covering the event in full with live updates. She is best known for her role in WWE as Kaitlyn where she is a former Wrestling divas champion. Maybe once Rousey is done dismantling the Bellas, Banks can can turn heel and have her shot at the Baddest Woman on the Planet. Gary Benfield Actress | WWE: NXT UK is a Scottish female wrestler best known by her ring name Viper (also stylized as Vyper) and by her ring name Piper Niven during her time in WWE's Mae Young Classic during 2017. Physically imposing and dominant, Tamina has never been able to transition out of her "enforcer" role into something more substantive. Riott used to work with the independent wrestling promotions before signing with WWE. Here is a list of wrestlers which are currently signed to WWE and roster of each of its brand. Sadie Gibbs. Wrestling Factions . Deville is losing more than she's winning these days; no one said that paying dues was easy or fun. She signed with 4th January 2017 and made her NXT debut on 22nd March 2017. Current WWE Roster 2020 – RAW, Smackdown, 205 Live, and NXT Maryse Mizanin. Our complete Pro Wrestlers Database allows you to travel through time and see the WWE Roster by Year or any specific Date in history. Fast forward almost seven years later, and Naomi is a two-time Smackdown women's champion (the first African-American woman to hold the title). Has there ever been a wrestler with a debut as incredible as Ronda Rousey? 2020 WWE Roster . Dark - Win. Her match against Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto, remains her best showing since her return. Asuka will always be a dangerous threat, because she's Asuka after all. It's not so much her mic skills; it's her body language, and the way she struts, smirks, and takes pleasure in her opponent's pain. NXT Women's Championship. Get breaking news, photos, and video of your favorite WWE Superstars. She is the first African-American Divas Champion in WWE history but often it’s her sex appeal that takes the front seat than her wrestling achievements. Best Great Khali Selfies. Whenever she finally taps into the bad girl underneath the good girl persona, watch out. WWE Women's Royal Rumble 2018: Predicting All 30 Entrants | WWE Women Roster - YouTube. She's built like a tank, and she had a standout performance at the first women's Royal Rumble. 2013-Present. 8. WWE Raw Roster: Men’s, Women’s, Tag Teams, and Non-Wrestlers. Jax continues to improve, and she works really well with smaller competitors who apply ring psychology, and target her limbs to cut her down to size. She works well in that regard, but she needs to define herself better if she ever wants to be a breakout solo performer. NXT UK Women… She's the silent type--a woman of few words--but in a business filled of trash talkers, that can hold a person back. We're looking forward to when that'll happen again. Whether it's the WWE's glam squad placing layer after layer of makeup on their face, to the WWE telling wrestlers to dye their hair, each woman on the WWE women's roster has a look special to them. Becky, for her part, seems to be relishing her newfound dark side. WWE2K20 Draft. Simply use the filters below! Yes, this is an abnormally high placement on a roster with so many former world champions. She was drafted to the WWE RAW full female roster in the 2018 WWE superstar shake-up. WWE Royal rumble winners. But now, she's stuck in an aimless "are they friends or aren't they?" Again, though, it's crowded at the top. When the heads of the World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) industry began a search for the sport's next "Diva" in 2006, they did not know what they had in store for them. They tried it with "Emmalina" (remember that?). Carmella wasn't quite ready to be Smackdown women's champion when she cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase. SmackDown Roster- 51 Members. When Becky finally turned heel and attacked Charlotte this past September, the Brooklyn crowd roared its approval. Expect Nikki to put up a decent fight against Ronda Rousey at WWE Evolution. 2019-Present. Watch later. WWE 2K19 Draft Simulator. On this page you will find all current members of the WWE Raw roster listed in alphabetical order with full details as per WWE’s website or broadcasts. On this page you find the full WWE Roster as of today, April 7th 2021. Your source of complete sports news, rumors, event updates, and more. It would take someone that talented to pick the business up so quickly. RAW Women's Roster. A serious neck injury nearly ended her career, but she's back on track now. WWE NXT Female Wrestlers. Lana was an incredibly gifted manager who traded that in to become a below average wrestler. Raw Women's Champion: Becky Lynch: Rebecca Quin Charlotte Flair: Ashley Fliehr Dana Brooke: Ashley Sebera Lana: Catherine Perry Lacey Evans: Macey Estrella-Kadlec Mandy Rose: Amanda Saccomanno Mickie James: Mickie James-Aldis Naomi: Trinity Fatu Nia Jax: Savelina Fanene Women's Tag Team Champion: Nikki Cross: Nicola Glencross Peyton Royce: Cassie McIntosh Rhea Ripley 2018-Present. WWE roster is biggest for a wrestling company all over the world. Additionally, the WWF also recognized Moolah as having been champion ever since first winning the title from Judy Grablein 1956 and disregarded other reigns or title losses that occurred during the title's existence in the NWA. Sometimes, the biggest stars have odd beginnings. The full WWE 2K22 Roster will include a huge list of Men and Women superstars from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK, as well as WWE Legends of course. Becky falls short. Die WWE vergibt in der Regel mehrjährige Verträge und die Wrestler werden als Independent-Contractors bezeichnet. roster. And although she's decent at it, she is uncommonly good at playing a villain. For years, Becky Lynch was one of the purest babyfaces in the women's division. Check out the match card for the WWE Evolution PPV. The manager of Andrade "Cien" Almas, Vega is a great talker, but she's fought in the ring sparingly--always with Almas and not on her own. But the potential to go much further is there, should WWE take a risk and decide to pull the trigger. She managed, along with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kurt Angle, to put on the best match of Wrestlemania 34. We will be updating this page every chance that we can. Still, there's a limit to what cleverness can get you in WWE. We have also included tag teams, commentators and authority figures of each brand. This includes the list of all current WWE Superstars from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live, division between Men and Women Roster, as well as Managers, Announcers, Authority figures, Producers and other personalities in World Wrestling Entertainment. Alicia-Fox. One of the longest tenured performers in the company, Foxy knows her role--to enhance everyone else on the roster. Dynamite - Match. Female WWE Raw Wrestlers. NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. This will be updated every time a change needs to be made. Feel the Glow. Jump to All NXT Roster (Male & Female) 1. Alicia Fox . Watch later. Every WWE World Championship Design. Even though there has been a greater emphasis on the actual quality and content of women's wrestling, it does not change the fact that many of them are very attractive and desired by many male admirers.

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