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/ OK ? He has written four novels: Call Me by Your Name (2007, Lambda Literary Award for Men’s Fiction), Eight White Nights (2010), Harvard Square (2013), and Enigma Variations (2017). Ces promotions seront appliquées à cet article : Certaines promotions sont cumulables avec d'autres offres promotionnelles, d'autres non. Pour en savoir plus, veuillez vous référer aux conditions générales de ces promotions. Désolé, un problème s'est produit lors de l'enregistrement de vos préférences en matière de cookies. Call Me By Your Name – and why love and friendship were better understood in premodern times January 24, 2018 5.15am EST . Aciman's debut is nimble, poised, perceptive, and intelligent. A coming-of-age story, a coming-out story, a Proustian meditation on time and desire, a love letter, an invocation and something of an epitaph, “Call Me by Your Name” is also an open question. Nombre de pages de l'édition imprimée  Après avoir consulté un produit, regardez ici pour revenir simplement sur les pages qui vous intéressent. Cet article dispose d’une quantité maximum de commande. RELATED POSTS: Stocked and Locked Up. Usually despatched within 2 days. Original Chalamet Character(s) (Call Me By Your Name RPF) Alternate Universe - Call me by your name never happened; CoVid19 Pandemic; DO NOT POST ELSEWHERE; Road Trip; I have no idea how to tag.... Summary. Commenté au Royaume-Uni le 18 février 2018. Paperback. What strikes you is the freedom the parties feel and the complete lack of judgement (except initially by Oliver at first) which creates a perfect atmosphere in which a very genuine and natural affection and desire can develop - taking both of them completely by surprise. Titre original et français : Call Me by Your Name; Titre québécois : Appelle-moi par ton nom; Réalisation : Luca Guadagnino; Scénario : James Ivory, Luca Guadagnino et Walter Fasano d'après le roman Plus tard ou jamais (Call Me by Your Name) d'André Aciman; Direction artistique : Samuel Deshors; Décors : Roberta Federico; Costumes : Giulia Piersanti Roman très émouvant qui m'a permis de revivre le film qui m'avait tant marquée. An Instant Classic and One of the Great Love Stories of Our Time. this extraordinary first novel [ should be ]within the canon of great romantic love stories for everyone." EBOOK RELEASE Call Me by Your Name: A Novel ReviewThis EBOOK RELEASE Call Me by Your Name: A Novel book is not really ordinary book, you have it then the world is in your hands. Ce livre contient-il un contenu inapproprié ? ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Sequel: What the New Book Tells Us About the Rumored Film Followup André Aciman's "Find Me" offers a time-spanning, satisfying epilogue to the … J'ai entendu parler de ce livre comme beaucoup au moment de la sortie du magnifique film de Luca Gadaguino . Author. On a l'impression nous aussi d'être en Italie et de vivre une jolie histoire d'amour. What begins as a casual friendship develops into a passionate yet clandestine affair, and the last chapters fast-forward through Elio's life to a reunion with Oliver decades later. Before returning to the United States, Oliver decides to spend three days in Rome, where he is accompanied by Elio. Call Me by Your Name is a 2007 novel by American writer André Aciman that centers on a blossoming romantic relationship between an intellectually precocious and curious 17-year-old American-Italian Jewish boy named Elio Perlman and a visiting 24-year-old American Jewish scholar named Oliver in 1980s Italy. Si vous ne souhaitez pas accepter tous les cookies ou si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur comment nous utilisons les cookies, cliquer sur « Personnaliser les cookies ». In a press conference in advance of its New York Film Festival screening, Guadagnino spoke with festival programmer Dennis Lim about adapting the film from a popular book… The main characters of this lgbt, fiction story are , . $16.69. Synopsis : Été 1983. PLEASE FOLLOW @LAMEBOOK ON INSTAGRAM! Consulter la page André Aciman d'Amazon, Gay & Lesbian Fiction (Livres anglais et étrangers), Traduire tous les commentaires en français, Afficher ou modifier votre historique de navigation, Recyclage (y compris les équipements électriques et électroniques), Annonces basées sur vos centres d’intérêt. The 17-year-old idles away the time listening to music, reading books and swimming until one day his father's new American assistant arrives at their large villa. [10], On December 3, 2018, Aciman announced on his Twitter account that he was writing a sequel to Call Me by Your Name. Parfait comme lecture estivale ! Unrelenting currents of obsession and fear, fascination and desire threaten to overwhelm the lovers who at first feign indifference to the charge between them. It was an adaptation of the book of the same name by André Aciman, and I really, really want to watch the film but I also really, really wanted to read the book (the eternal bookworm conundrum). Synopsis. Exhilarating." Vos articles vus récemment et vos recommandations en vedette. I must know your name. Paperback. It's the hot, sun-drenched summer of 1983 and Elio is at his parents' country seat in northern Italy. Néanmoins, je pense qu'il faut le tenter rien que pour la sublime plume de l'auteur, car je semble être la seule à ne pas avoir apprécié la façon dont l'histoire est présenté. Both the book and movie follow their adventures and time together during Oliver’s 6 week stay. Tell me your name, will you ? Hardcover. $11.99. Unprepared for the consequences of their attraction, at first each feigns indifference. During a final meeting at a bar, Elio and Oliver muse that people can lead two parallel lives—one in reality, and one a fantasy that is denied to them by external forces. Fifteen years later, Elio visits Oliver in the United States, where Oliver is now a professor. It is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents' cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera. Wie eine Rezensentin vor mir musste ich zwischendurch das Buch beiseitelegen, weil ich dann doch überwältigt wurde. Buy Online. Beautifully described coming of age novel. Is it better to speak or die? During the restless summer weeks, unrelenting but buried currents of obsession, fascination, and desire intensify their passion as they test the charged ground between … Je m'attendais à l'adorer comme j'avais dévoré le film, mais je ne suis même pas parvenu à le terminer. You'll tell me your name, won't you ? Holtzbrinck Publishers. Author: A. J. Szwedek; Publisher: ISBN: IND:39000001402424; Category: Linguistics; Page: 102; View: 140; Download » Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents' cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . "Call Me by Your Name is a beautiful and wise book, written with both lightness and concentrated care for the precise truth of every moment in its drama. This is a beautifully written book charting a long 6 week vacation at a family’s Italian villa: along comes Oliver a lecturer at an American university who is mid-thesis and is working alongside the family father. It is the first thing I remember about him, and I can hear it still today. Call Me by Your Name first swept across the world in 2007. Where do I start! Call Me by Your Name: A Novel (English Edition), Page précédente des produits sponsorisés connexes, Page suivante des produits sponsorisés connexes, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (22 janvier 2008). AKA: Appelle-moi par ton nom, Meyd286. Veuillez renouveler votre requête plus tard. 4/5 49 votes, ratings by Google. 031242678X. January 22, 2008. You're gonna fall in love with Italy, with Elio, with Oliver and with their love. Publisher. --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition, Adult/High School—Seventeen-year-old Elio faces yet another lazy summer at his parents' home on the Italian coast. The next morning, Oliver wears Elio's bathing suit to breakfast—mirroring Elio's earlier fetishistic behavior—and later performs oral sex on Elio. What grows from the depths of their spirits is a romance of scarcely six weeks' duration and an experience that marks them for a lifetime. Call Me By Your Name (Paperback) Andre Aciman. C'est assez triste car l'écriture est incroyable et assez poétique, ce que j'adore dans un roman! Call Me By Your Name details the love story of Elio and Oliver, two young men who spend a summer together on the Italian Riviera and develop a bond that shapes their view of love for the rest of their lives.Elio is a precocious 17-year-old who spends summers with his family in their villa on the Italian Riviera. It's so touching, moving and heartbreaking that the book will remain printed in you for the rest of your life. Sélectionnez la section dans laquelle vous souhaitez faire votre recherche. 1 INT. Elio is the central narrator who, though extremely mature in most things, is finding his way with matters of the heart and soul but remains open to all possibilities. ELIO, 17, barefoot and in his bathing suit, is in the process of moving his clothes from his room to the adjacent room - a wardrobe somehow refurbished into a single bedroom. 978-0312426781. Aucun appareil Kindle n'est requis. Call Me By Your Name (2018) • Luca Guadagnino • • En salle le 28-02-2018 • Musique composée par Artistes variés, Sufjan Stevens . Ich habe gerade den Roman zu lesen beendet und ich weiß gar nicht, wohin mit mir. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Screenplay by James Ivory Based on the novel by André Aciman . $13.95. At midnight, Elio enters Oliver's room, where they have sex. Oliver and Elio grow distant in the subsequent days. Lu en anglais. Mass Market Paperback. Call Me By Your Name, by André Aciman, is the story of seventeen year old Elio as he spends his summer in the Italian Riviera and meets Oliver, an American college graduate, guest of his father. On suit une rencontre avec ses hésitations, rien n'est simple, tout est en langueur et parfois bouleversant. Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents' cliff-side mansion on the Italian Riviera. Un ouvrage remarquable par la qualité du style de l'auteur, et par la permanente tension qui parcourt tout le récit. When Oliver grabs Elio's arm after a tennis match, Elio retracts in fear. [1], Reviewing for The New York Times, Stacey D'Erasmo called the novel "an exceptionally beautiful book". Anyone who can't identify with either of the characters and thinks this book is dull has not experienced love/life/infatuation or any of those emotions and feelings that the author describes so well. A first novel is usually judged by its "sophistication" level: by how much or how little the author sounds like a beginner. Each summer, his parents would take in a doctoral student as a house guest for six weeks, who would revise a book manuscript while assisting his father with academic paperwork. Livré avant la date indiquée, très beau livre magnifique avec un marque page ! Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera. Mais c'est aussi un livre poignant et troublant, au dénouement très triste quoique prévisible, dont certains lecteurs ne ressortiront pas indemne et qui les hantera longtemps. The novel chronicles their summer romance and the 20 years that follow. First Picador Movie Tie-in Edition, Paperback, 248 pages. So many 5 star reviews that say what I want to say. … hocherotische Sommerliebe zwischen zwei Männern und mehr. Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents’ cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera. The intimacy Elio experiences with Oliver is unparalleled and awakens in the protagonist an intensity that dances on the brink of obsession. David Clark, University of Leicester. Tell me your name. . They recall their time together; Elio informs Oliver that his father has died, and that he has spread his ashes all over the world. Friday, March 5, 2021. Oliver is charming and, like Elio, has Jewish roots; he is also young, self-confident and good-looking. At first Elio is somewhat cold and distant towards the … Publication date. Après avoir vu le film, j'ai eu très très envie de lire le livre. Intimacy that makes you understand every shred of another human being, that makes you relate to someone at such a level that you basically identify that person as a part of your very identity. [2] Writing in The New Yorker, Cynthia Zarin said, "Aciman’s first novel shows him to be an acute grammarian of desire". Elio begins an affair with Marzia, a local girl around his own age. Now a Major Motion Picture from Director Luca Guadagnino, Starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet, and Written by Three-Time Oscar™ Nominee James IvoryThe Basis of the Oscar-Winning Best Adapted ScreenplayA New York Times BestsellerA USA Today Bestseller A Los Angeles Times BestsellerA Vulture Book Club Pick An Instant Classic and One of the Great Love Stories of Our TimeAndre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents’ cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera. The novel chronicles their summer romance and the 20 years that follow.

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