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There’s only one land crossing/way off the island – a bridge to Phang Nga/Khao Lak, which is a different province, so we expect there will be strict checking of those trying to cross; it should be relatively easy to check folks who are trying to leave the island/province on ferries/catamarans. An intricate system of reefs, islets, and underwater caves are teeming with vibrant sea life. Representatives from Thailand’s tourism sector have blasted what they see as an ineffective and disorganised national vaccine rollout. That doesn’t nearly replace international tourism income . There is a small walking street market that comes alive every night, a variety of local and Western foods, and easy access to nearby Buddhist temples, waterfalls, and the impressive Pai canyon. The palace is an exquisite mix of Western standards (which included a modern-for-the-time bathroom and a badminton court) and traditional Thai architecture that can be visited and enjoyed by everybody today. With that said, the full 7+ days quarantine is overkill. As you can see, Thailand plans to make Phuket the first place to open to vaccinated travelers. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Thai tourism operators slam government’s inefficient vaccine rollout. At that time, an early Thai script was invented by King Ramkhamhaeng, the great king of Sukhothai, and there also were records about events in the king’s reign. Founded some time in the 13th century, the temple was built to enshrine Buddha relics and is surrounded by massive standing Buddha images, stuccoed sculptures, stupas, and more. Many soapy massages. This is how most APAC countries will approach reopening, with Thailand leading the charge. The "Land of Smiles" is one of the jewels of Southeast Asia. About Ko Lanta. in early July. Featured. In the first quarter of 2020, the tourism industry contributed around 12.91 percent to Thailand's GDP. If they want to reopen, they need sensible, clear , definitive policies and procedures, not the par-for-the-course half-arsed BS. If you're on a more leisurely schedule, plan on spending a few days exploring the ancient capital and rent a push-bike to tour both the old city and the new. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. What do you make of Thailand’s tourism reopening plan? I have a couple of conflicting thoughts on Thailand’s plan to reopen to tourists. Thailand Tourism - Thailand Tourism Guide, Thailand Tourism Packages - MakeMyTrip. You obviously have no clue about how things work in Thailand, and what’s actually happening. Right, but as the very first comment points out, you can still get covid after being vaccinated, and presumably you can still transmit it, even if it’s “rare”. Demand will be reduced by government restrictions in source countries already. Description: This map shows tourist attractions and sightseeings in Thailand. However, Europeans, at least those aged 65 or less, will one get vaccinated in the second half of this year, earliest. Thailand has been extremely cautious on reopening its borders for tourism as the global pandemic continues. “All the data I’ve seen suggests that asymptomatic spread among the fully vaccinated is extremely rare.” – The same applies to people with natural immunity, yet we saw very few exceptions for those, so I’m not surprised. Thailand might reopening for tourism in July, 2021.The country’s tourism industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unless Thailand are prepared to open up to tourist without any conditions, apart from being vaccinated, then they will find that visitors won’t turn up at all, a lost cause I think. I bought a ticket for Bangkok at the end of September, I will need to move to January 2022 if the government doesn’t lift the quarantine and restricted areas. What I don’t understand is the logic of vaccinated people not being able to visit the rest of the country after they have been in one of the controlled areas for several days. Even if your plans for Thailand mainly involve frolicking on a beach and eating as much Massaman curry and pad Thai as humanly possible, you'll probably spend at least a day or two in Bangkok. They are both quite predictable. Thailand should look at EU Green certificate. The lush jungles of Thailand promise adventure, while the serene beaches are the perfect place to splash in the sun. Don’t forget that tourists can visit the rest of Thailand after spending 7 days without restrictions and a negative test in Phuket. The dive sites surrounding Ko Lanta are considered to be some of Thailand’s finest. Elephants are revered in Thailand, and statues and paintings of them can be seen everywhere you go, including the royal palaces and many temples. Because the area has many climbing and bouldering schools, the easier routes are often busy, and you might even have to queue to get up to the most popular viewpoints. The IMF credits Thailand with having a constructive and sustainable post-COVID-19 vision for its tourism sector. For the ultimate experience, however, nothing beats the chance to see elephants in their natural environment—and Khao Yai National Park provides a great opportunity to do just that. Otherwise, seal your borders and Thais live happily without any threat of infection spreading especially from Chinese tourists….. The problem is is a whole bunch of people need to provide services to those tourists and if there is still community spread and the the population doesn’t have a good level of vaccination then there is a risk that people coming together to work in, for example, a hotel can pass the virus between them and then through their social networks. How long this will last with the new variants running amok is anyone’s guess, though. There's also the tourist-friendly Diamond Cave, reached via a beautiful trail with stunning views and ready to accommodate curious visitors looking to do some exploring between stretches of sunbathing. If people who are vaccinated can’t catch it, they should go police state and mandate their people all get it. as most European airlines don’t fly directly to Phuket. LOL, Sorry, can’t go back and edit – Visa-Free Travel and the Travelers it Effects. No interest to me: Bangkok is excluded, so I can’t even go to my condo for quarantine, instead being required to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days. You might not need to venture that far, though. Thanks to a thriving tourism industry, Thailand is well-developed and provides all kinds of modern comforts—yet it's also still wild enough to offer off-the-beaten-path adventure and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. Moderna announced in March that it will seek approval for use in Thailand. During WWII, Japanese forces were intent on building a railway link between Thailand and Burma and used Allied prisoners of war (mostly British, Dutch, and Australian citizens) for forced labor. The market gets crowded every week without fail, no matter what time of the year you're visiting, so brace yourself and try to enjoy being part of the fun chaos. I wouldn’t take it as a sure bet that this plan will stick, but it’s as close to a sure bet as we’ve seen from the country. Accommodation: Where to Stay near Khao Yai National Park. Eating here is a nightlife attraction for several tourists! BKK can be avoided by flying Emirates or Qatar directly into Phuket via their hubs of DXB and DOH. Search Lonely Planet. Would tracing apps be the solution – but a tourist may just leave the phone in the accommodation for a few days and venture outside the restricted area? What is their plan to open up to non-vaccinated unwashed masses like me? Making it more difficult for the remaining and eligible tourists is not a recipe for success. Long Beach is another nice spot on the island; while not a secluded place where you can hope for privacy, it's great for watching the sunset. I personally have never bought into the Covid narrative. The Bhubing Palace, open to tourists, is on the way to Doi Pui from Doi Suthep as well. There is a small, somber memorial park to honor those who died in the tragedy, but the resort areas are otherwise revived and looking as beautiful as ever. Middle East. I’d go to Phuket if they tested upon arrival and released me after 3 days confinement (subject to negative result). One word of caution: “vaccinated” means those who have received vaccines approved by WHO and/or Thailand. Will that be allowed? Because neither vaccination status nor infectiousness are easy to confirm with good reliability, the policy of allowing people in as soon as the population has been close to fully vaccinated makes sense. Beautiful coastal beaches and offshore islands, ancient ruins, temples, jungles, and unique cultures form the basis of Thailand's tourism industry. Let’s just get it opened up, if you want to hang at home- 100% your right to do so. On the one hand, I commend Thailand for its constant public updates about its tourism plan, even if things aren’t set in stone. Overall, the economy is doing really well and in a resources boom, so there is no pressing need to open borders. When including indirect travel and tourism receipts, the 2014 total is estimated to be the equivalent of 19.3% (2.3 trillion baht) of Thailand's GDP. Dubai Maldives Turkey and Serbia seem to be doing fine after they opened up to tourists since last July without quarantine measures. Especially in the snow fields in South Island. The Thai government is focusing vaccination efforts on Phuket, with the hope to vaccinate 70% of Phuket’s population before July. You can visit the markets on your own or join a guided tour, which often includes visits to other local attractions and shops. I’m not flying half way around the world just to stay for 30 days once you are free to go. Every Thailand visitor looks forward to cheap and delicious food—and that's exactly what they can find in abundance at Chiang Mai's Sunday Night Walking Street. 2 min read. Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need. Japan will try to keep their residents at home and spend money there. After completing the quarantine you can travel ANYWHERE in Thailand, you might as well stay in Bangkok if you wish. Australia depended 2/3 of tourism income from domestic tourism, and 1/3 from international tourists arriving. None of it is an actual “plan” as one would be implemented elsewhere (so there are all sorts of holes and logical inconsistencies, some of which have been pointed out), and none of it is about to be put into effect. We need to reopen up everything. That is because Thailand has relatively good metabolic health, and we have poor metabolic health (fat/diabetic people, etc.!). Lucky mentions Australia and New Zealand. Another way of looking at this is that it might become “Phuketland” where tourists pay tourist prices and have no way of getting away from that.There would be local prices in local resorts and tourist prices in tourist resorts. I have already received offers from several hotels in Phuket. Dont impose any additional restrictions on global tourists…. More than 400 tourism leaders and industry gurus gathered in Bangkok last month – in a safe and socially-distanced format – for the 10 th annual Thailand Tourism Forum 2021 (TTF), Thailand’s premier travel, tourism and hospitality powwow organised by C9 Hotelworks hospitality consulting group and hosted at the Conrad Hotel Bangkok. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! There have been a hundred others before, and they went nowhere, which is exactly where this one is headed. And when that happens, traveller’s individual vaccination status will be irrelevant. Antarctica. This small town has developed a reputation as a mecca for hippies and backpackers, though you will see plenty of families traveling in the area as well. Sukhothai's Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and much has been invested to restore and preserve one of Thailand's most significant historical sites. and then get chaperones on buses straight to Pattaya? The famous Wat Po and Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn (a great place to watch the sunset), are just a few minutes away. FOOD & DRINK An ideal destination for food lovers, restaurants, hotels and street-side eateries are known to serve some of the most spectacular cuisines. Due to the difficulties moving between countries, simply give 90 or even 180 days visa upon arrival. There is something for every interest and every budget There are several floating markets near Bangkok, with Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak being among the most popular. The falls are named after the white elephant that travels with the Hindu god Indra because the tiers are said to slightly resemble the shape of an elephant's head. No one is saying we need to live in fear forever. Required fields are marked *. I need to split some cheeks in Pattaya and get a soapy massage. I have a flight booked to BKK (Delta One suite from DTW to ICN!) I need to get some new custom-made shirts and I always go to Bangkok for those. Because this is just the latest in a long, long string of HOPES that the tourism authority or other powerless business lobbying organizations in Thailand has floated. B angkok, 27 December, 2019 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is expecting 3.18 trillion Baht in overall tourism revenue for Thailand in 2020, or a 4% year-on-year increase. Whether you are here for the world-class beaches in the south or the mountain villages in the north, Thailand will not disappoint. All of the cities that will “open” have historically had nonstop flights to Southeast Asia and China, thus mitigating the need for a Bangkok transfer. While the beach might be the main reason to visit the island, Railay is also a rock-climbing hot spot, with karst peaks drawing adventurers both experienced and novice, ready to take on the towering limestone cliffs. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. When the population is at that level, the vaccination status and infectiousness of a single incoming visitor doesn’t make much difference. Phuket is talking of “travel corridors” .What I understand by this is that foreign tourists will be restricted to certain areas and certain modes of transport. With that in mind, this plan seems super restrictive to me: Obviously there’s always some risk to this kind of stuff, but Thailand is also heavily reliant on tourism, and that has a huge impact on peoples’ lives and wellbeing. The restrictions make sense if you consider that the goal is not simply to allow vaccinated travelers in, but to let them in *when the population has been sufficiently vaccinated to prevent further spread*. The country”s economy desperately depends on tourism. Northern Thailand, particularly the western region near the Burmese border, is marked by mountainous jungle terrain that is both rugged and beautiful. About Thailand. The palace complex consists of a number of buildings divided into three main groups: the official reception area; the king's private quarters; and the ladies' quarters, originally designed for the Queen and an area no other man, besides the king, could enter. This site is for entertainment purposes only. Because Koh Phi Phi draws so many tourists, there are plenty of tour companies arranging tickets to other beach destinations, such as Phuket, Koh Chang, and Koh Lanta. Thailand's reputation as a country of beautiful landscapes and friendly people is due largely to the world-renowned southern beaches. Thailand’s National Tourism Policy Committee has approved the proposed guidelines for the collection of a 300-baht tourism fee from each international visitor for the management of local tourist destinations. Again we aren’t talking about next week here. I think Thailand is doing a great job by providing a timeline to which they can hopefully stick. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. This plan is simply too restrictive, not to mention it’s presumably subject to change, so it’s just not worth the gamble given how often plans change. At the base of the stairs, vendors hawk everything from tasty local treats to goods handmade by villagers from the surrounding mountains. Khao Sok National Park is a unique mix of very diverse ecosystems. Hopefully as the world becomes vaccinated quarantine free travel will become commonplace. EU- not doing too well in the vaccination department. Vendors sell all kinds of treats here: from the popular pad Thai and chicken satay to samosas, fried bananas, sweet roti, and fresh fruit shakes—often for less than $2 a piece. have followed the science, wearing our masks everywhere. My first big trip I booked for this fall was Bali and Thailand for the end of September. Curious how countries (including Thailand) will handle families who want to visit where only the parents have been vaccinated (as children aren’t currently eligible for the vaccines)? Tourism is an economic contributor to the Kingdom of Thailand.Estimates of tourism revenue directly contributing to the GDP of 12 trillion baht range from one trillion baht (2013) 2.53 trillion baht (2016), the equivalent of 9% to 17.7% of GDP. Accommodation: Where to Stay in Krabi Province. I think I might need to look towards Latinamerica to find that. Ayutthaya offers a magnificent peek into the glory of ancient Thailand, where visitors can wander the haunting but romantic ruins of the former capital. Discover destinations, find outdoor adventures, follow the journeys of our travel writers around the world, and be inspired. Asia. The park is also famous for its eco-luxury camps, where tents come with en-suite bathrooms, deluxe bedding, their own kayak, and some of the best meals you'll try in Thailand. Written by Diana Bocco Nov 19, 2019. There is an air of cheerfulness and relaxation as you walk through the tiny town center, a vibe that continues to draw crowds season after season despite its somewhat remote location. The prevalent fear over here are of variants. Phi Phi Don was one of the areas hit hard by the 2004 tsunami—but since then, guesthouses, restaurants, and markets have been rebuilt, and crowds still come in droves to the resort island. The tourists were taken to restricted tourist attractions like Yala National Park and they were confined to their hotels and adjacent beaches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. The report in question claimed that The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is intending to establish Thailand as the first country to welcome cryptocurrency holders by targeting Japanese tourists […] Imagine traveling for relaxation and tourism to a heavily restrictive country that can change their mind on a moments notice *shrug* No thanks. Unfortuneately a lot of European citizens will not have had the recommended two jabs by july when the summer holidays will start. Nobody can explain why Chinese tourists did supposedly bring the virus to Italy at the beginning of 2020 while the Chinese visitors to other Asian countries did not start infections there at the same time. All the data I’ve seen suggests that asymptomatic spread among the fully vaccinated is extremely rare. I really hope they open up sooner than planned. How do you go there from international destinations if you cannot transit via Bangkok? Is it known weather one will have to first land in Phuket, or transfer in Bangkok will be possible without quarantine? But countries like Thailand and Sri Lanka that are heavily reliant on tourism need to open up soon with some imaginative schemes. Thailand’s government has approved a reopening plan. The official site of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Some sights—like the temple that houses the 12-meter-long reclining Buddha and the tree roots embracing a Buddha head—are particularly stunning and not to be missed. The first three tiers are actually the most impressive, offering emerald green pools, a small cave, and cool cascading waters. Fully vaxxed travellers should be let go at the airport after taking their swabs.If they turn out positive then put them under quarantine. Hopefully I get to go. You are free to move around. April 2020 um 17:28 Uhr über … After July 1 Can I who is vaccinated, enter phuket with my 1 year old who isn’t? I don’t understand who would want to vacation in a place where you can’t leave your room for multiple days. Don’t have any interest of being crowded into what is nothing more than a tourist destination just so the touts have people to pounce on. has to be an opening to vaccinated travelers without restrictions in light of the mounting evidence that infectiousness after full vaccination is unlikely. Would be interesting to see how they handle those arriving to BKK with an overnight stay at an airport hotel to continue to Phuket the following day. Places like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui attract a lot of attention but you may also want to consider destinations like Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, which offer unique alternatives. I’m scratching my head about why you would let in vaxxed people and make them quarantine before the community is vaxxed, unless it is a way to limit numbers. I don’t really know why people expected major exceptions for vaccinated travellers. I would be surprised if those dates and requirements are not scraped. North America. Thailand Tourism: Three-stage reopening plans lead to no quarantine requirements for foreign tourist arrivals in five pilot destinations from October. While Phuket is an island and tourists’ movements may be traceable and arrivals/departures may be contained to the island, this will become much more challenging around a city in the interior like Chiang Mai, or a town like Pattaya without its own airport. Register here to save your space. Die wichtigsten Städte, Provinzen, Regionen und Sehenswürdigkeiten in Thailand. The solution (you are so right, Ben!) Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. This week Thailand’s cabinet has approved plans to reopen the country to foreign tourists, but in a gradual way.

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