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Bottas devait renoncer à sa victoire en faveur de son coéquipier Lewis Hamilton. Apart from that race, Bottas has a satisfying relationship with Sochi having won there in 2017 and 2020 and also finished runner-up in 2019. ... View the latest Valtteri Bottas merchandise via the official Formula 1 store. But from what else do we know this important force at Mercedes? order back issues and use the historic Daily Express I was pretty angry. Valtteri Bottas’ retirement from the Eifel Grand Prix was initially attributed by Mercedes to an issue with his MGU-H system. Mercedes Motorsport Strategy Director James Vowles says Lewis Hamilton became “the greatest sportsman that exists” when he stopped being “a mercenary”.. Mercedes have explained why they used team orders so that Lewis Hamilton won the Russian GP ahead of Valtteri Bottas. “He did a fantastic job scoring the maximum number of points available to him at that race.”. –) finn autóversenyző, a Mercedes istálló pilótája a Formula–1-ben. You can’t let your rivals run away with that. In the aftermath of the incident, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff admitted it had been a “mental setback” for Bottas – even though the driver insisted he understood why the call had been made. A Mercedes stratégája, James Vowles szerint a versenyt nagy előnnyel vezető Valtteri Bottas számára túl nagy kockázat lett volna kereket cserélni az Ausztrál Nagydíjon, hogy biztosan az övé legyen a leggyorsabb körért járó bónuszpont. Bottas was running second in the race when he started complaining of losing power. Mercedes-Benz AMG F1 driver, Valtteri Bottas being told by the team's race strategist, James Vowles to let his teammate Lewis Hamilton to take the lead of the 2018 Russian Grand Prix to increase the advantage in the championship standing by 3 points. However, it could have been much closer than we think had things gone down differently. Perhaps the driver accidentally crosses the white line on entry or exit. The Finnish driver, who was leading the race at the Safety Car restarts, fell prey to the Ferraris on fresher tyres and his team-mate to finish a distant fourth. Vowles started his career in Formula 1 at an early age. Vowles on usein ollut se henkilö, joka on kertonut Bottakselle huonoja uutisia tiimiradiossa. “They can go off the track, they can make a mistake. It was the infamous “Valtteri, it’s James…” radio call from Mercedes’ chief strategist, James Vowles. Please hold position, I’m sorry.” – Az adatok alapján láttuk, hogy az MGU-H, az elektromos energiát előállító, valamint a turbót is vezérlő hibrid elem nem működik megfelelően. “Sochi 2018, that was a pretty tough race,” said the 31-year-old during series three of Drive To Survive on Netflix and quoted by Thanks to a meme he is now the most famous James in the paddock of Formula 1, James Vowles, the man who started the team order during the Russian Grand Prix in 2018 as follows: "Valtteri, It's James". James Vowles erklärt die Startprobleme von Valtteri Bottas und mehr beim Spanien-GP der Formel 1 in Barcelona. Last Updated: 10/12/18 12:07pm. Bottas - way out in front in Melbourne - was on course for 25 points but was desperate to get 26. “Both Valtteri and Lewis (Hamilton) did a great job managing the cars, which is trying to keep as much rubber available as they could, such as they could go for the fastest lap at the end of the race. The one driver who is yet to unlock his luck in the Drivers’ Championship fight is Valtteri Bottas. If I were in your shoes, I would do exactly the same’.”. And Mercedes strategist James Vowles has explained why the Silver Arrows denied Bottas a second stop of the race. “This was one of the hotly debated issues in the team, all the way up to Sunday morning. Valtteri Viktor Bottas (Nastola, 1989. augusztus 28. Sometimes they'll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Hamilton went on to win the race by 2.5sec from Bottas ahead of Ferrari duo Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, with Verstappen fifth. “Valtteri ultimately had the tyres in a slightly better condition and didn’t have the floor damage that Lewis did. As a result of the 10 points he gained on Vettel, Hamilton extended his advantage over the German in the Drivers’ World Championship to 50 and went on to capture his fifth title by 88 points. “We had a risk with Lewis against [Sebastian] Vettel. “The fastest lap in the race is going to be in the dying stages of the race. Mercedes’ chief strategist James Vowles says that, in hindsight, the team made the “wrong” call on Valtteri Bottas’ strategy in Spain. Chief strategist James Vowles explains why Mercedes decided to retire Valtteri Bottas’ car at the Eifel Grand Prix, a move that most likely put an end to his title aspirations. “It’s risk vs reward. You can unsubscribe at any time. Bottas puhutteli Mercedeksen strategista päällikköä James Vowlesia. “If your team-mate wins and you are second, you feel like you lose. It was the infamous “Valtteri, it’s James…” radio call from Mercedes’ chief strategist, James Vowles. The reason why is as the fuel mass comes off the car, that’s a more important affect than the tyre degradation. He eventually did set the fastest lap time without the help of a pit stop. Less fuel in the car, less weight and the faster the car goes,” he said. Mercedes strategist, James Vowles reveals the reason for the initial delay during the pit-stop that cost Valtteri Bottas second place in Monaco and the team's sixth 1-2 of the season. He [Bottas] said ‘I completely understand why you did it and where the team is coming from. They can risk the car.”. The Mercedes Formula 1 team says it made a “wrong decision” on strategy in the Spanish Grand Prix, costing Valtteri Bottas a shot at passing Max Verstappen for second place. Vowles then went on to explain, with the help of a graph, why Bottas did not pit. Setelah finis, bos Mercedes juga coba menenangkan Bottas. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Trying to forge the right plan towards risk vs reward,” Vowles said on Mercedes’ YouTube channel. Home News Bottas thought of quitting after Sochi team orders. Mercedes chief strategist James Vowles and trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin admit that there are "no immediate answers" to the W12's rear-end instability. A virtuális biztonsági autós fázis végén Valtteri arra panaszkodott, hogy visszaesett a teljesítmény – mondta James Vowles, a Mercedes főstratégája a csapat YouTube-csatornáján. Monille formulafaneille lauseen alkuosa on hyvin tuttu – keskustelijoiden roolit vain ovat usein juuri toisin päin. Teammate Valtteri Bottas finished in 2nd, around 4.8 seconds behind the defending World Champion. Bottas is well known as being an excellent team player, sometimes too nice, and has previously played second fiddle to Hamilton, his races often being compromised by the dreaded ‘Valtteri, it’s James’ message (from James Vowles, head of race strategy at Mercedes). ... Mercedes strategist James Vowles, Williams board member James … British GP: Mercedes 'hopeful' Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will avoid penalties World champs give further backing to strategist James Vowles . Valtteri Bottas’ rotten luck continues. I know I’ve been second in the past but I want to prove I’m not just a number two,” he said. “Valtteri, it is James,” he said. Those last few laps when the car is at its lightest. “So what's the plan in the end? “The converse is again, at the end of the race asking the driver to push and extract performance for the fastest lap of the race isn’t without risk. Mercedes denied Valtteri Bottas a second pit stop in Australia, Ferrari ‘big investigation’ claim made after Valtteri Bottas dominance, Valtteri Bottas was lucky to beat Lewis Hamilton in Australian GP, Mercedes secured a one-two with Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne, Mercedes dominated the first F1 race of the 2019 season, Mercedes show how Valtteri Bottas' lap times got quicker as the race went on, Lewis Hamilton will love Valtteri Bottas comments made by Schumacher, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff sends ‘fight’ message to Max Verstappen. “Either one of those has huge repercussions and all of a sudden your race-win’s worth of points is meaningless relative to the one you were going for. Lalu kepala strategi Mercedes menjawab protes Bottas. If for example you decide to do an extra pit stop, for the sole purpose of being able to get the fastest lap of the race, there is risk involved in that. As is the norm, Mercedes’ Chief Strategist, James Vowles, took to … Valtteri Bottas has revealed he nearly walked away from F1 after being the victim of Mercedes team orders in 2018. "Valtteri, ini James Vowles, kita punya risiko Lewis berhadapan dengan Vettel, dia punya sedikit masalah, aku harus memastikan kita bisa mengamankannya," kata Vowles. Express. “In the team, even though many wouldn’t admit it, maybe unconsciously they have a number one and a number two,” he added. James opened up about the major problem that led to Mercedes’ decision in retiring Bottas’ car. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Straight after the race, I said I wouldn’t do it again.”, View the latest Valtteri Bottas merchandise via the official Formula 1 store. A 2011-es szezonban a Williams istálló tesztpilótája lett, majd a 2013-as évtől a csapat pilótájává lépett elő egészen a 2016-os szezon végéig, majd a visszavonult világbajnok Nico Rosberg helyére szerződtette a Mercedes. The 2019 Singapore GP is over, but the videos are definately NOT! - After the manoeuvre, Mercedes’ chief strategist, James Vowles, explained the decision to Bottas. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. James Vowles. “Honestly I was thinking ‘why do I do this?’ I was thinking of quitting [F1], of giving up. He is currently the Chief Strategist at Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula One Team. “All the lap times get faster and faster. L’une des communications radios les plus emblématiques de 2018 est peut-être celle de James Vowles qui s’adresse à Valtteri Bottas pendant le GP de Russie. Mercedes replied: "Valtteri, we are not taking any risks so we won't be stopping.". New F1 rules this season give a bonus point to whichever driver runs the fastest lap during a Grand Prix. “Sometimes the team members had to question themselves ‘are we giving equal treatment to Lewis and Valtteri?’”, Follow us on Twitter @Planet_F1 and like our Facebook page, Bottas thought of quitting after Sochi team orders. “Tough to accept. While Mercedes maintain both of their drivers have equal standing, Bottas believes teams “unconsciously” have a hierarchy. Mercedes Formula 1 motorsports strategy director James Vowles has praised Valtteri Bottas for the 'dog fighting' skills that allowed him to hold off Charles Leclerc in the Russian GP. After a safety car period late in the race Bottas was tucked under the wing of Hamilton’s car, ready to pounce, but the dream of adding to his three Formula 1 victories was soon scuppered as the team’s strategist James Vowles came over the radio and ordered:”Valtteri, it’s James. “When he joined us, he was a mercenary,” Vowles said on the Beyond the Grid podcast. "Kita akan bicarakan hal ini setelah balapan," kata Wolff. Lewis Hamilton will love Valtteri Bottas comments made by Schumacher; That’s tyre degradation. According to James Vowles, Lewis Hamilton’s mindset when he first joined Mercedes in 2013 was that of “a mercenary”. Wolff added: “After Sochi, in the evening, we had a discussion. Mercedes’ chief strategist James Vowles says that, in hindsight, the team made the “wrong” call on Valtteri Bottas’ strategy in Spain. James P. Vowles (born 20 June 1979) is a British motorsport engineer. “Perhaps you don’t get a wheel piece in correctly, the car goes out and it’s a DNF. “The facts are it’s 21 races and 21 points (bonus), which is nearly a race win’s worth. Very soon the Finn was called in and retired with a suspected MGU-H problem. “We could see on the data that the MGU-H, the hybrid element that produces electricity but also turbo control, wasn’t working correctly,” Vowles said. Valtteri Viktor Bottas (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈʋɑltːeɾi ˈbotːɑs]; born 28 August 1989) is a Finnish racing driver currently competing in Formula One with Mercedes, racing under the Finnish flag.Having previously driven for Williams from 2013 to 2016.Bottas has won nine races, three in 2017, four in 2019 and two in 2020, since joining Mercedes. The Finn lined up on the grid in P2 behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton, and although less than a tenth separated them in qualifying, the race was a different story. Across the season that might make all the difference. Could George Russell replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes as early as 2021? “Valtteri, it’s James [Valtteri, c’est James]”. And Mercedes strategist James Vowles has explained why the Silver Arrows denied Bottas a second stop of the race. “This was one of the hotly debated issues in the team, all the way up to … Are we going to stop for the quickest lap time or just try with these tyres in the end?” Bottas had asked on the team radio. This movement became very controversial as Bottas was seen as robbed a race win in spite of his effort putting himself on pole … Bottas was heard on the team radio asking if he should pit, with the Finn way out in front of his rivals. At the Russian Grand Prix, the Finn, who had started from pole position, was in second place behind Max Verstappen on lap 26 when he was asked to let his team-mate Lewis Hamilton through. newspaper archive. In the Drive To Survive episode, Bottas spoke about how he wants to prove he is not just a ‘number two’ driver. Mercedes strategist James Vowles discussed the race on the team’s Youtube channel. Valtteri Bottas survived reliability worries to win an incident-packed Austrian Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton took fourth after a penalty. Mercedes chief strategist James Vowles has revealed the decision of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to perform doughnuts at the end of the season finale in Abu Dhabi was "not brilliant" but they got away with it.. As has become traditional, drivers often do doughnuts in the final race along the start-finish straight, but more as a crowd-pleaser to sign off the campaign. Mercedes reveals the major reason behind Valtteri Bottas’ retirement.

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