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Later Eddie hands Rachel his resignation. ... Every day is a battle for acting headteacher Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrells) and his disillusioned staff. Rachel then goes to find Philip and questions him about Flick however he denies that he is still pestering her and reveals that it was Flick who wanted to sleep with him on the night of his party. This prompts Rachel to attack Adam believing that he has behaved irresponsibly, and they have a furious bust-up. Arrives at Waterloo Road with a familiar face, Matt Wilding and a new Head of English, Linda Radleigh. It was later revealed that the couple had made a suicide pact to die together at Finn's favourite beach due to the fact Finn's parents had revealed to him that they were moving to Los Angeles and it would ruin their relationship. It becomes increasingly obvious that she is upset about their relationship - particularly when they get engaged. Affairs, scandals, blackmail and many, many headteachers. Rachel has to deal with a new supply teacher when he makes allegations of racism against Davina. Summary: Waterloo Road Comprehensive isn't doing very well. Arrives to Waterloo Road with her husband, Charlie Fisher and two of their children, Jess Fisher and Harry Fisher. Grantly has made a bet with Rachel that she can't make it through the day, doing both teaching and being the head. Rachel has not yet denied or confirmed Melissa's accusation that she had feelings for Eddie. I would pick Karen Fisher as a character, as I felt having her family on the show … Max prefers an old-fashioned, autocratic and disciplinary approach whereas Rachel believes that pastoral approach is far more suited to the needs of Waterloo Road's pupils. Cesca & Jonah Wedding! Waterloo Road has always been a favourite of mine, due to the issues, complexities and experiences it presents about growing up. Eddie confronted Rachel about her past. He knows that if the school doesn't clean up its act soon, it could mean the end. As well as starring in Waterloo Road, Jason has played parts in Casualty and The Bill. She also said that it took two years for her to get out of the habit "The only route out was to get myself an education and that is why I'm here." Rachel gained full control of the school again. In Episode 10 Allie and Vaughan decide to split after Justin punches Allie on the last day of term but Allie does not press charges. Meanwhile Rachel decides to talk to Sameen herself. She arrived to Waterloo Road with her son, Connor Mulgrew. Earl didn't get far as he was swiftly cornered by the police and gave himself up as a murderer. Waterloo Road. Goodbye Rachel & Steph! Later on, Chris and Kim find out what happened and are relieved to find out that the pair of them are safe. Property developer Stuart Hordley and his secretary Tess Doyle, show up and Stuart starts to reveal her dark past with a document showing that she changed her name from Amanda Fenshaw to Rachel Mason and used to live in Hertfordshire and blackmailed her into getting his bid for the new training school re-instated, which she did. Rachel refuses to do this however does go off and find Marley to have a serious chat to him, Marley was angry and walked out of school with no plans to return. Waterloo Road - Series 3: Episode 7. Jason's character resigned as headteacher halfway through series 3. She believed in helping the children at school with any problem they may be facing. This ends in Lindsey being arrested, however in the following episode, she got let out on bail, and we see Rachel comforting Lindsey's mother Marion, offering her support. In series 3, after witnessing Izzie Redpath's death he finds it increasingly difficult to … Holby City/Waterloo Road Crossover; Summary. Things take a turn for the worse when Ralph realises that Flick tested positive and swaps her test for Marleys. Waterloo Road Season 8 Episode 1: Series 8, Episode 1 Summary: Whilst on the run from a foster home, Jade tells boyfriend Drew she is enrolling at Waterloo Road, with much persuasion he decides to enrol as well. Rachel is threatened by Stuart after Eddie goes to see him and warns him to stay away from Rachel. Initially appointed by the LEA as an Associate Headteacher, Rachel soon decided to remain at the school permanently, in the role as Headteacher. Karen Fisher's era was ok, but I didn't rate her character. Once Rachel has 'phoned' the council (she really phoned a takeaway place) Eddie says they will face Hordley together, believing that Rachel has spoken to the council. When the school relocated to Greenock, he remained in charge of the school. In the short period of time the trip was, some of the pupils managed to cause all sorts of trouble. Eddie and Rachel go out on another date. Jason's character resigned as headteacher halfway through series 3. Rachel feels that she had no option but to resign from the school as she feels Maxine would still be alive if she had taken the opportunity to expel Earl. She has a dark past, that is partially revealed at the end of Series 3 Episode 10 (through a newspaper clipping about a vice crackdown), that she is desperate to keep a secret from the students and staff. After Eddie proposes to Melissa and she agrees Rachel decides to hold drinks in the staff room after school. Afterwards Eddie goes to find Rachel and we see how much he cares for her when he asks her to stay. He is shocked and unhappy as he trusted Rachel very much and was pleased with the way she was turning around the school. Rachel is shown offering support to Rose Kelly by offering her a job in the school canteen. Jason's character resigned as headteacher halfway through series 3. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is … Series 3 - The Fire Series 4 - Waterloo Road demolished by Ralph Mellor Series 5 - Finn & Amy’s Suicide Pact! After some brief but major flirtation, the pair share their first kiss. He was also Executive Head of three other schools in the area. Tom, who was 24 at the time of playing a 17-year-old on Waterloo Road, plays Jesus in the post-apocalyptic horror series and has been a regular on the show since 2016. While Emily is standing by her Dad's grave Lindsay goes over to stand with Rachel next to her car, Rachel tries to talk to Lindsey and asks her if her Dad abused her to. Rachel is later seen apologising to Steph when it comes to light that Tasha has been deliberately not eating to make herself thin. It was revealed to Eddie and the rest of the staff that Rachel and Melissa are sisters after Philip was bullied by fellow students Paul and Bolton and begged Matt not to tell Rachel Mason as she is his aunt. Christine Mulgrew [Series 8 Episode 29 to Series 9 Episode 19]. Eddie prevents her from finding the newspaper clippings and then asks her out, to which she says yes. At the end of the party, Eddie and Rachel return and are surprised to see the house is clean Rachel goes upstairs to check on Philip and is later joined by Eddie and it's implied the two of them have sex. Waterloo Road - Series 7: Episode 1. Jason's character resigned as headteacher halfway through series 3. The third series consists of twenty episodes, first broadcast from 11 October 2007 to 13 March 2008. Cesca & Jonah Wedding! Eddie talks about how it seems to him that her career is more important than the students and he says the truth will come out anyway. Rachel is later seen asking Marley about how his speech went before going off to help her sister with the dating event she organised. He teaches English and joined the school as deputy headmaster, after leaving his old job as Head of English at a local grammar school. An enraged Melissa then revealed that Eddie was in love with Rachel and that she knew Rachel secretly harboured feelings for him. He is well educated and believes everyone should go to university. Sophie Mason is the daughter of Rachel mason, the new head teacher of waterloo road. Josh Stevenson get sanitiser sprayed in his face, Lauren and Sambuca let the pigs out and smuggle one back to school plus Amy, Siobhan, Finn, Josh and Craig were drinking alcohol. Tom, who was 24 at the time of playing a 17-year-old on Waterloo Road, plays Jesus in the post-apocalyptic horror series and has been a regular on the show since 2016. Rachel gets through the teaching fine. She did this and recorded the blackmail conversation on her mobile phone. A contemporary drama series set in a challenging comprehensive school. Rachel Fleet (née Mason, born Amanda Fenshaw) was Waterloo Road’s third on-screen headteacher after Messrs Vaisey and Rimmer, and the first female head. Comments: 4 Kudos: 22 Hits: 866 At the end of the episode Rachel and Eddie watched Stuart drive away. Following the shocking murder of Izzie Redpath, Jack and the new deputy head, Eddie Lawson, are keen to promote their policy on inclusion: no matter the circumstances or abilities, all kids are welcome at Waterloo Road. She was forced to leave the school due to poor management of it. Test your knowledge on this television quiz and compare your score to others. Rachel was a motherly figure to the children and cares for each one of them regardless of their background or academic abilities. Rachel is furious and is seen out in the corridor with Philip asking him why he did it. From 2010 until 2014 he played business man Declan Macey in Emmerdale. All 9 songs featured in Waterloo Road season 1 episode 1: Episode 1, with scene descriptions. Paul Langley and Bolton Smilie got a complaints box and Denzil Kelly to collect complaints mainly about the teachers. She told him that she got involved in prostitution when she was 17 and that things, at the time, were bad at home. Series 3: Episode 7. Sophie is trouble, this is why Rachel took her out of her old school and put her in waterloo road separating her from her best friend Abbey. Series 7.2 - Michael left for dead! Waterloo Road - Series 3: Episode 7. Waterloo Road vs. Jed Seddon! Can you name the ALL the Characters Waterloo Road? Karen Fisher [Series 6 Episode 1 - Series 7 Episode 10]. AGE: Late 30s OCCUPATION: Headteacher FAMILY: Unknown ARRIVED AT WATERLOO ROAD: Series 1, Episode 1 DEPARTED WATERLOO ROAD: Series 3, Episode 6 GUEST APPEARANCES IN WATERLOO ROAD: Series 3, Episode 19 PORTRAYED BY: Jason Merrells REASON FOR LEAVING: Jack's novel use of the budget didn't meet with the LEA's approval and he was suspended pending an enquiry. From that point, Rachel decides to stay. The second series of Waterloo Road was released on DVD in the UK on 10 March 2008, published by 2entertain. Later on when Philip says he too isn’t feeling very well Rachel goes over to chat to him after a while Philip confides in Rachel that he put laxative in the brownies that she helped him to make for the school fundraising day. After the Bianka Vale incident, Rachel insisted they put the kid's emotional health at the top of the agenda and she follows this up by getting Kim to train year 12's so they can assist year 8's and listen to their problems.

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